Breeding Program

Welcome to Syrius Labradors, we are located in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia.
Our focus is to produce Labrador Retrievers of sound temperament and body. Labradors who are healthy and hold true to the wonderful Labrador spirit that is bold, loving, adventurous, and biddable.
Having worked in the dog care and training industry for over 15 years I have worked first hand with dogs from all sorts of backgrounds. I know how important genetics, rearing and training are for producing solid well rounded canines who can navigate our world with ease. All of our puppies will come from fully health tested parents, covering Hips, Elbows, Eyes, Heart and the standard genetic health testing for the breed.

All our dogs live in our home and puppies are raised in our home amidst our family. They will be raised around the everyday hustle and bustle that comes with our small family. We also put a big focus on socialization in our breeding program.
All of our puppies will be handled daily, and we will implement ESI (Early Scent Stimulation) and ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation). Our labrador retriever puppies will be exposed to crates, litter trained, exposed to birds and gunshot, and a variety of other daily enrichment activities to give them the best start possible. The puppies will also be introduced to common grooming tasks such as baths, nail trims, and brushing.

Before our puppies go home they will be examined by a vet, have age appropriate vaccines, dewormed, and be deemed healthy at time of departure. We have a 26th month health guarantee against fatal congenital diseases including CNM, EIC, PRA, Copper Toxicosis, and are Dilute free.

To learn more about our planned breedings please visit our Litter Page.

If you would like to be considered for a Syrius Labrador please fill out an application here.