A week or so ago I decided on a whim to enter Oakley into a dock diving competition. I knew she would love it, but we basically did nothing to prepare for it.

She has had a ton of retrieve work on land and has amazing drive and go… But we have only taken retrieving to water maybe 3 times in a year and a half. A big part of that was off a lake shore when just a couple weeks back she legit learned how to swim finally.

No more high splashing chaos! She finally slowed down and focused and got her butt up. She just has so much heart it overrides her logical thinking side sometimes. And in the rivers I honestly worried about her safety. So having a lake to practice was awesome and sealed the deal.

So I figured hey dock diving is worth a shot. She should at least jump and will see how fun it is.

We got 1 practice jump, I had hoped for more to let her figure out the whole jump off something part but oh well. Well she jumped… kinda. First one I think she just had too much speed and couldnt stop herself so she slid off the dock. First competition jump was 1 foot 3 inches.

Second jump we tried a sit stay to let her build speed as I tossed… which resulted in some comical creeping that had everyone chuckling. And I think me being in front of her was confusing due to the yard work we do. Usually when I am between her and the bumper she will have to stop as we practice whistle sits. So I think that added to her hesitation. So for now it’s not a good option as we need to keep building her confidence.

So her first entry into the dock diving world resulted in a 1 foot 3 inch jump and a 3 foot 7 inch jump. But hey she jumped, and she was obedient and happy while we patiently waited and waited for our turn. Couldn’t ask more of her really with how blind we went into all this. And we even came home with a medal, really wish I had her registered so these jumps could go toward her Novice title. Next time!

After our time was done we decided to go down to the lower pond and let her practice jumping off that dock. After a jump or two she really got into diving off. As I knew she would.

The other day I saw that they were having a practice again at this dock today. So we decided to sign up and give it another shot. She was ready to go as soon as we got to the pond…

And she flew! Minimal hesitation and power swam to the bumper there and back. I think speed retrieve will be something we try with her too after we join the club.

I think her biggest jump of the day was 12 feet. Pretty darn awesome for being total newbies. So excited to do more of this with her.

Massive thanks to my husband for snapping these photos and video. And braving the heat with the kiddos so little Annie Oakley could jump big.