One of the dog’s favorite christmas traditions is getting a big 36 inch bully stick.  It’s always comical watching them tackle such a large chew, especially Wyatt as for the first year or two he would just chew the center in half instead of starting on an end.

I don’t let them eat the whole thing at once, they get 20-30 minute sessions  of chew time which seems to satisfy them plenty. Then I put them up until next time. These provide a tiny bit of extra mental challenge too as they figure out chewing angles.   The picture on the bottom right is after the 3 (or 4th, can’t remember) chew session.  So they are well worth the money.

I posted these pics on the SyriusDog Instagram and several people asks where I got them. I usually pick them up at a dog show from White Dog Bone but haven’t been able to make it to the usual local shows so we had to go to plan B.. a local feed store that happens to carry them.

But since not everyone has White Dog Bone at their shows I thought I would do some digging.

First off, if you haven’t checked out White Dog Bone you should.  They rock, lots of awesome chews, treats, foods, and toys. I love visiting with them at the shows and they are always very friendly and knowledgeable.  They carry 36″ bully sticks among many other favorite chews like thick chips, vanilla braided rings, cow and pig ears, pig and cow noses and lots of great treats. They started our chew addiction/hoarding train around here, not that the dogs mind.

It turns out another favorite chew company of ours Best Bully Sticks carries full cane bully sticks at a fantastic price of  $9.99!! That’s insane, I haven’t tried these yet but I totally plan to along with some others while I am at it.

For those who already use Chewy for food orders, they also carry a 36″ bully stick option as well. I may have to throw 2 of these on our next food order so I can try them. No idea why I haven’t thought to look for those on there before.

And last but not least, all you Amazon fans they carry them as well though it looks like their 36″ bully stick is out of stock?? I am surprised they don’t have more options.

There you have it, your pups can enjoy the wonder of a 36″ bully stick now too.  Happy shopping!!