Have a new puppy or a dog who doesn’t love their crate?  Not all is lost, turn crate time into a game.   Creating a positive association to the crate can help your dog feel more relaxed in the crate as well as turn it into a safe haven for your dog should stressful situations arise.  Crates are an amazing tool to have in your bag of dog training tools so it’s worth the time investment to make them more comfortable with the idea of a crate.

Here is a great lil video by Leerburg showing some ways to get your dog loving their crate


Here is another one with a cute lil pup named Zelda, based off the book by Susan Garrett called Crate Games

Part 2 with Zelda I just love the relationship these two have

And Part 3 with Zelda 

Now go have fun with your crate! Remember any time you do things like this you are both building your relationship with your dog and mentally working their brain.