Have a new puppy or a dog who doesn’t love their crate?  Not all is lost, turn crate time into a game.   Creating a positive association to the crate can help your dog feel more relaxed in the crate as well as turn it into a safe haven for your dog should stressful situations arise.  Crates are an amazing tool to have in your dog’s skill set so it’s worth the time investment to make them more comfortable with the idea of a crate.

Here is a great lil video by Leerburg showing some ways to get your dog loving their crate

Here is another one with a cute lil pup named Zelda, based off the book by Susan Garrett called Crate Games

Part 2 with Zelda
 Part 3 with Zelda 

Here is another video from my friend Tori at Take the Lead K9. It shows you how to encourage calm respectful behavior in and out of the crate.

Crates are amazing tools that bring peace and sanity to both you and your dog when properly introduced. Getting your pup used to a crate can feel daunting and be tiring at times as you work out the kinks but in the end it’s so worth it to have this in their skill set. These techniques can be applied to both puppies and older dogs, whether it’s been a while since they were crated or if they are brand new to being crated.

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