Do you have a dog who runs after the toy enthusiastically but then stands there and looks at you and says  “throw it again” without that whole bring back part happening?  Then a flirt pole may be your new best friend.

Not sure what a flirt pole is??

That flirt pole crazy dog is named Dyson a husky/lab/? mix who has done obedience and off leash training with me over the past couple months. He isn’t really a fan of fetching but does enjoy chasing the toy after you throw it so it’s no wonder he loves the flirt pole so much.  This is also a much healthier/safer game than the laser pointer so many are fans of. The downside of the laser pointer is that it can quickly turn into a light/reflection chasing game that you can’t officially end since we can’t really control the sun. This can lead to OCD and anxiety issues in dogs so it’s best to just not start with a laser pointer.

This is a great way to exercise your dog in tighter spaces.  It also can help safely fulfill a need to chase for those more prey driven dogs. You can even add obedience commands to the game which helps build impulse control and build your relationship as the one who provides great things for your dog.

I don’t worry about adding any commands outside of “Drop it” in the beginning. I want to build the drive/love up first.  Then it’s all about slowly adding requirements as their skills progress.  Dyson is pretty good about dropping the toy on command and will sit as well.  In the video you can see he broke once but then went back into the sit & wait even with the toy dangling about.

I made this flirt pole out of a horse lunge whip with a furry boa attached to the end. I have made them out of flexible pieces of bamboo or a hefty fishing pole in the past as well.  You want something in the flirt pole to have a bit of give for when the dog grabs the toy.  You can also buy them online

When you have a dog who is really motivated by something and you make it clear how they can gain that reward they so strongly desire they may surprise you with how willing they are to work.  This is a win win for both of you.