During training the topic of nutrition always comes up, it’s just part of helping balance out the whole dog.

Just like with us, if we eat better we feel better. “Better” can be relative to individual dogs, but there are usually some core needs for most dogs. But this isn’t a post about food, maybe we will make one of those soon.

I wanted to give you a glimpse into our pantry and some of the typical supplements we throw into our pups bowls.

First up Longevity and Bug off Garlic, both by a great company called Springtime Inc. based in MD.

Longevity is used to give an overall boost and has done well for dogs who need immune and joint support. I will be honest I am horrible about remembering to add this one. I need to find an easier system, especially when the 3yo wants to feed the dogs. Who has one?

Bug off Garlic has been our go to for ticks this last year and so far so good. I did the tablet form as my pups dislike the powder form some days. So this is easier. I’m not a huge fan of chemicals overall especially so close to kiddos.

Next fish oil, I had these left over from an order for us humans so we are using them up but I also have been using a skin support blend from Springtime too. The more fish oil the better especially as our new lab battles some itchies.

The Bragg’s brand vinegar is just an overall powerhouse for immune, gut and even skin support. We make sure to keep it on hand and I have been adding it to their food more lately. Again due to itchies mostly. They don’t mind a bit when I add a splash in. If I am fighting a cold I also sometimes force myself to take some in my oily tea. Not very tasty but it helps.

Every dog person has probably heard of using canned pumpkin to help with loose stools or upset stomach… But did you know you can get a bag of dried pumpkin??!? Soooo much easier to keep on hand and not end up wasting half the can like I always did.

Most who have talked with me know how much I love the Herbal Digestive Supplement (formerly known as Perfect Form) made by Honest Kitchen. It doesn’t smell/taste the greatest but it’s packed with gut calming ingredients like slippery elm and plantain and overall does a great job of calming and supporting the gut. They make a powdered goat milk and bone broth too (and a couple others I think). I rotate through these unless there is a specific issue and add in at least once a week to keep the gut strong.

The fiber option is just a brand of fiber I found worked really well for our old lab. Didn’t need too much and kept him regular to keep his flares at bay.

We also frequently add in fresh raw eggs, we have a bunch of chickens and always have extras. The dogs love them, shell and all.

I am sure there are other things we add here and there but these are some of our staples.

What are your favorite supplements or food additions?