Syrius Dog

Puppy Luna, go home day

The day my journey into the Vizsla world officially began.  Did you know I used to blog about all our adventures together?  Check it out!

Since so many of you know and love Luna I figured you might enjoy browsing through some of our adventures. We were all a lot younger back then, but hey you gotta start somewhere and she has been a big part of making me the trainer I am today.
Maybe it will also make you think twice about getting a vizsla too ;).

I love her, but she can be a piece of work and this breed is NOT for a majority of people.  Sadly, there has been an increase in popularity of this breed to, and with it comes a whole host of irresponsible breeding.  With this sadly comes some less than stellar temperament traits popping up and some sad health issues becoming more prevalent

If you are finding you are drawn to this breed I am always more than happy to talk to you about the ins and outs of what you might encounter with this breed and if it’s a good fit for you and your family.  If I can’t persuade you otherwise I do have a lot of great vizsla breeder connections 😉

Enjoy traveling down vizsla memory lane