I admit it, I don’t brush my dogs as much as I should. Regular brushing really does do wonders for supporting the skin and coat. But life is busy around here, and that’s a big reason I still prefer the wash and wear sort of dogs for my personal dogs.  Nails are enough to keep up with without having a dog who needs to be legit brushed to avoid mats or something.

Luna was due for a bath so I figured I would give her a good brushing before.

I had always heard about the zoom Groom in the vizsla community but I never gave it a try. I  already had two rubber type of curry combes I used for Luna so I didn’t figure I needed another.

I was wrong. This thing is great! I get a fair bit of hair off with my other brushes but this worked even better and Luna didn’t seem to mind it at all.   For those who think Vizslas don’t shed think again. The nice thing is their hair sticks and stays and doesn’t float around as much as Labradors or German Shepherd or something.

We shall be using this Zoom groom more now overall.